Laxmi Maa: Divine Elegance In Silver
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  • Description

    Plush Silver - Where Spirituality Meets Elegance!

    * Weight Approx 50 gms

    * Purity 92.5 Silver Hallmark grade

    * Studed With Premium AAA Zriconia 1.1 mm Size

    * Original Rhodium Plating With Platinum Base

    * 100% Nickel Free 

    * Premium Box Packing

     Your premier destination for exquisite silver idols that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary elegance. Our meticulously curated collection showcases the finest craftsmanship, offering a diverse range of idols to adorn your sacred spaces or gift to loved ones. Each piece embodies timeless beauty and spiritual significance, meticulously crafted to elevate your surroundings with divine grace. Explore our website for a mesmerizing journey into the world of silver craftsmanship, where every idol tells a story of cultural heritage and artistic mastery. Shop now and bring a touch of sacred splendor into your life with Plush Silver.

  • Additional information
    Vendor: Aman
    Type: Idols
    Weight::  50 g